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An introduction to escorting

So for my second post I wanted to write a short introduction to escorting – what it is, why it exists and some hopefully helpful advice for any first time punters!

Escorting is a time old profession. Lots of people think it’s just selling sex but it’s a lot more than that. It’s about companionship, affection and above all – time. Escorts will have seen every walk of life and spoken to so many different kinds of men and women. Of course, there is a sensual aspect to escorting but I think the most important part is the companionship.

Many men may feel lonely or isolated in their everyday working lives. So many men work long, anti-social hours where they just don’t have the time to go out and meet people or to enter a relationship. Escorts can offer men the highest levels of companionship, sexuality and sensuality. A good escort will never rush a date and most importantly, we know when you might want to spend more time talking and having an intimate experience but we can also offer the best levels of pleasure ;)

I like to thank that we can provide men a warm, caring and sensual experience that leaves them with a smile on their face! Of course, porn star experience escorts are famed for their exciting, wild and adventurous bookings but you’ll find that most escorts offer a girlfriend experience too. It all depends on the girl!

For example, if you’re looking for an extra special girl friend experience, you might want to ask your date if she’s open to deep french kissing. The added intimacy can be great and don’t worry if you’re shy. Any escort that you pick will be experienced at making guys feel completely relaxed so that they can enjoy their date. It’s also worth noting that us escorts also love going for dinner, trips to the theatre or even being whisked away for a long weekend!

This is just a short introduction to escorting from my personal experience. It’s different for each person but I always say to first time punters – try not to be nervous, I’ll ensure you have a wonderful, relaxed time.

If you have any questions about escorting or punting, especially spending time with a porn star escort then just drop me a question!

Melissa xoxo

Welcome to my new blog

Hello sexy guys and girls!

Welcome to my brand new blog all about porn star escorts in London ;)

That’s right! This blog will feature the sexiest female porn star escorts and the hottest male porn star escorts. You can make your dreams come true with anyone of these unbelievably hot choices!

So please take the time to read my blog and all about the beautiful escorts.  I would love to speak to you too!  Please leave a comment and I will reply to you! :)

Melissa xoxo